Emulzer Alutec

As a single component bituminous solutions offering excellent asherence, it contains reflective aluminum to provide UV-protection.

Emulzer Antiroot

Emülzer® Plus Antiroot is a single-component, modified bitumen and solvent-based, ready-to-use waterproofing liquid membrane containing root inhibiting additives. By the evaporation of the solvent it contains, it adheres firmly to the surface it is applied, forming a seamless, durable, waterproof, and anti-root film.

Emulzer Beyazcoat

As an asphalt and solvent-free superior waterproofing material, it is a very elastic, impermeable, seamless, and durable coating. Fiber Whitecoat is reinforced with strengthening fiber.

Emulzer DDM 2K

It is a double-component, polyurethane-bitumen-based, cold-applied, self-leveling and joint filler with high mechanical and chemical strength.

Emulzer Elastokote 2K

Elastokote 2K is a bitumen-rubber based, double-component liquid membrane. It dries fast.Its elasticity and tensile strength. By the evaporation of the water, it is applied, it is applied, forming an elastic waterproof layer.