Emulzer Beyazcote

White decorative insulation



As an asphalt and solvent-free superior waterproofing material, it is a very elastic, impermeable, seamless, and durable coating. Fiber Whitecoat is reinforced with strengthening fiber.

Usage Areas

Concrete, plaster, brick, glazed tile, cement, gas concrete, wood, galvanized, iron sheet and zinc.
It can be safely used on all surfaces. on roofs and terraces; for repairing window frames, drip moldings, water ducts, eaves, raindrips, strainers and chimney bottoms.


Beyazcoat is fully impermeable.
It is very easy to use. It is very easy to use.
It is elastic. Its elongation is up to 300% at 1 to 1,5mm thickness.
It has perfect adherence.
Its elasticity is resistant to temperature changes.
It is resistant to UV rays.
Its microporosity provides breathability for the surfaces.
Thanks to biocids, it inhibits bacteria and mildew growth.
As a decorative material, it is produced in white.


  • Whitecoat, 1: 1 diluted with water, is used as an undercoat.
  • Every coat must be applied after 24 hours.
  • Whiteboard requires a protective topcoat.


0,750 kg / m2 in vertical application and 1,5 kg / m2 in horizontal application.


4.5 kg Pail – 80 Pieces / Pallet
19 kg Pail – 33 Pieces / Pallet