Emulzer Alütec

UV protection



As a single component bituminous solutions offering excellent asherence, it contains reflective aluminum to provide UV-protection.

Usage Area

  • It protects bituminous waterproofing materials against harmful effects of UV light. During daytime, it controls heat increase on the surfaces of metal and concrete tanks as well as other building elements.
  • Applied on bituminous waterproofing materials in domes, vaults, north walls and prefabricated gutters it provides solar protection as well as an aesthetic look.
  • As a topcoat preferably on Emulzer CSP,Emulzer PLUS it protects metallic, iron or cast elements such as tanks, pipes, and channels against corrosion.


  • The mixture should not be thinned, and it should be applied cold.
  • After opening the can, the content must be stirred thoroughly before as well as during application.
  • The surface to be treated must be bituminous, dry, clean, and free from dust and grease. It must be applied with a brush or pulverizer, and in one coat.


By reflecting UV rays it ensures the durability of bituminous insulation for years.
Due to its reflective properties, it provides a cool and more comfortable atmosphere in the interior of the building.
Covering the black color of bitumen completely, it improves the aesthetic look of the building.
It is economical. 1 kg of ALUTEC can cover 4-5 m2.
It helps you to detect cracks on the waterproofing layer earlier and prevents you from unexpected paint expenses.
It is highly resistant to abrasion due to its excellent adhesion to bituminous surfaces.
It dries very fast. It is resistant to pollution and atmospheric conditions.


Approximately 200 g/m2 depending on the surface.


4,5 kg Metallic can – 140 Pieces / Pallet
17 kg Metallic can – 45 Pieces / Pallet