EPDM GeoGard  

Firestone GeoGard EPDM is a strong, flexible and resilient geomembrane that provides reliable waterproof insulation for a long time. All this gives opportunities and advantages for a wide range of agricultural, industrial and landscape applications.
EPDM geomembrane is distinguished for its unsurpassed resistance to UV, heat, ozone, microorganisms and extreme weather conditions.
Firestone GeoGard EPDM is highly flexible (more than 300%), even at low temperatures down to -45°C.Due to this, the membrane has excellent puncture resistance.
Firestone GeoGard EPDM has almost unlimited hydrostatic pressure resistance, which allows it to be used in large-capacity tanks.
Installation of the geomembrane Firestone GeoGard is very simple and provides perfect waterproofing.