EPDM PondGard  

Firestone PondGard is a timely tested high quality EPDM synthetic rubber waterproofing membrane. Despite weather conditions, it can keep mechanical properties for many years.
Firestone PondGard works on all types of substrates. Irrespective of the complexity of the projects, it can be used with optimal aesthetic results.
With a membrane thickness of 1.0 mm, Firestone PondGard is a sturdy membrane, ideally suited for water storage applications. Its elasticity (> 300%) and flexibility (-45°C…+135°C) allows it to adapt to the inevitable shifts and unevenness of the base.
Firestone PondGard is very simple in installation and provides excellent waterproofing. İt will be simply repaired after many years, if it will be being necessary.
Due to its chemical inertness and resistance to microorganisms and algae, the Firestone PondGard membrane does not release chemicals into the environment and is safe for aquatic fauna.