EPDM RubberGard  

Firestone EPDM RubberGard roofing waterproofing systems are designed for waterproofing flat roofs and roofs with a slight slant on industrial and commercial buildings. Also used in the green roof system and / or the system using solar panels.
RubberGard waterproofing system – consists of a wide sheet of EPDM rubber membrane, as well as a wide range of components for all types of roofs and systems, which ensures unsurpassed reliability and durability
The outstanding performance of EPDM RubberGard systems with over 35 years of experience has made Firestone Building Products the world leader in EPDM membranes.
Over 1.5 billion m² of EPDM RubberGard has been successfully installed throughout the world today.
Membrane is an inert material, which preserves elasticity at – 450С to +1350С  temperature, and is stretchable up to 300 %, resistant to UV- rays, ozone and other environmental activities.

The membrane is delivered in rolls of following sizes: 

Thickness – 1.02 mm; 1.14 mm; 1.52 mm         
Width – 3.05 m; 6.10 m; 7.62 m; 12.20 m; 15.25 m 
Length – 30.50 m; 45.72 m; 61.00 m.